Publications (नामी)

Click the links below to access publications of individual members of NAAMII in their primary affiliation institutes.

We have just established the institute and will update this page with our institutional publications once they become available. We are about to start working on some projects.

  1. Ajad Chhatkuli publications
  2. Bhaskar Raj Pant publications
  3. Binod Bhattarai publications
  4. Bishesh Khanal publications
  5. Danda Pani Paudel publications
  6. Dovan Rai publications
  7. Sabita Maharjan publications
  8. Samrachana Adhikari publications
  9. Sujaya Neupane publications
  10. Suman Raj Bista publications
  11. Suresh Manandhar publications
  12. Taman Upadhaya publications