Three Pillars of NAAMII

Our organizational foundation will be based on the three main divisions that will bring together research, academia and industry. The main roles of each of these divisions and how they support each other to work grow as a single institution are described below:

Scientific Division

  1. Establish multiple autonomous research groups of 1-5 research scientists working in the domains of their interests

  2. Collaborate with national and international institutions to conduct high quality research on both local and global problems.

  3. Work closely with Academic and Social-outreach Division to offer courses, supervise students at undergraduate, graduate levels, and PhD students where degrees could be granted by existing universities

  4. Advise on policy formulations to the government

Academic and Social-outreach Division

  1. Play a pivotal role in modernizing informatics and mathematics higher education in Nepal and collaborate with Scientific Division to generate pedagogical content

  2. Help Scientific Division to build strong collaborations with existing universities to supervise students at undergraduate and graduate level

  3. Administer Summer/Winter schools; and potential Master programmes in collaboration with universities

  4. Harness the potential of Nepali scholars living abroad by facilitating an online/virtual lab where students in Nepal get remotely supervised by remote NAAMII supervisors

Innovation and Translation Division

  1. Actively explore product ideas by interacting both internally with NAAMII scientists and externally with industries

  2. Reach out to industries for potential collaboration opportunities for industry funded long term research fellows in NAAMII and PhD students

  3. Build entrepreneur expertise and as a research translation and innovation gurus, provide support to scientists and students to shape up their ideas to potential future product

  4. Provide support for incubation

  5. Resolve legal issues between NAAMII and future independent spin-off companies

  6. Attract entrepreneurs, and management professionals to work in NAAMII or to collaborate with us